Birth and Death


Abortion comes up as a storyline in every soap opera at some stage. There are far fewer films that deal with it in as much depth, but here are a few:

Film Rating/5
The Cider House Rules - A story by John Irving that focuses on a doctor who performs illegal abortions in America during WW2, and his assistant, Homer, who refuses to help with abortions. Homer's absolutist position is eventually challenged when a girl is raped by her father. singer

Vera Drake - Mike Leigh's oscar-winning film tells the story of a housewife in the 1950s who helps women to end unwanted pregnancies. Vera doesn't charge, acting out of love - possibly an ideal example of a situation ethicist. The brilliance of the film is that it makes no moral judgement about whether Drake was right or wrong to do what she did - you decide.

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