Birth and Death


Abortion is a topic that all students seem to take seriously. Many are passionately against abortion, and agree with the Catholic Church that it is one of the greatest evils of the modern world. Other students are completely in favour of the woman's right to choose, feeling strongly that it is simply up to them.

In RS, we encourage students to look at both sides of the issue. We want you to be able to see why people hold the views that they hold. It is also important to make sure our own views are consistent. I still remember a student from many years ago who was completely against abortion, in all cases. When we discussed the case of a woman with an ectopic pregnancy, who would die unless an abortion was carried out, he had to admit that it posed a problem for him. He wanted to be completely against abortion, but it conflicted with his views about saving lives where possible.

I hope this site helps you to find out what the arguments are on both sides, and ultimately assists you in working out your own response.

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