The Environment

Care for the Planet

The Environment

Over the last few decades, we have become increasingly aware of our impact on the environment. We have even introduced new terms, like 'Carbon footprint', to measure our individual effect on the natural world. It is clear that our current level of consumption is unsustainable, and with the population soon to reach 7 billion (in 2011) and continuously growing, consumption could increase even further.

There are several problems. Levels of CO2 are at a record high, and this contributes to the Greenhouse Effect, which could lead to a rise in global temperatures. As a result, large populated areas could end up under the water.

Species are dying across the world every minute, and deforstation means that trees, as well as habitats, are being destroyed.

Pollution, made worse by the increase in consumption, is affecting more land, animals and humans. This includes air, water and land pollution.

Many governments have agreed to reduce CO2 production, but even if they do, developing countries are increasing theirs.

Who is responsible for looking after the environment? What is our individual responsibility? Do Christians have a particular role in conservation, to act as Stewards? Has Christianity actually made matters worse by claiming that we have dominion over nature - God has given us the world to do with as we choose?


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