Animal Rights

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Animal Rights

In 1975, an Australian philosopher, Peter Singer, wrote a book called 'Animal Liberation'. Singer claimed that animals should be given equal consideration to humans. The following year a group called the 'Animal Liberation Front' was formed. While philosophers continued to argue about how much animals should be protected by law, the ALF set about releasing animals from captivity, setting fire to research laboratories that experimented on animals, raiding fur farms etc.

Whilst the ALF were too violent for many, the support for the idea of 'Animal Rights' has grown. We have made important changes in the way we look at animals. For example, the theory of evolution has shown that we have a huge amount in common with other animals, and has challenged the idea that humans are somehow special and should be allowed to use animals as they wish.

A growing number of people are now vegetarians; supermarkets sell free range eggs and freedom foods; consumers are taking an interest in how animals are treated before they are killed for food or clothing. Christians are challenged to rethink their beliefs about how they should treat animals. 'Dominion' suggests that humans should have power and control over animals. 'Stewardship' suggests that humans should care for and protect animals.


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