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Gran Torino is an outstanding 2008 film from actor, director and producer Clint Eastwood. The backdrop to the film is gang violence, with Eastwood playing a grumpy old racist coming to terms with a changing society.

The film includes some graphic violence, and a lot of strong language, making it uneasy viewing with students. The violence builds and builds, with a vicious attack on a key character leaving the viewer, as well as some key characters, eager for revenge. The final climactic confrontation brings an unexpected resolution to the issues raised by the film, and strikes a chord with Christian beliefs.

Gran Torino is gritty and complex, but also uplifting and edifying. Despite the gang violence, racism and strong language, it is surprisingly accessible for wider audiences. Gran Torino was filmed in only a month with a cast of largely unknown actors, yet it grossed around £200 million worldwide, making it a critical and commercial success. This is a great way to communicate Christian beliefs about violence, as well as the central theme of redemption and salvation.

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