Book Rating/5 Cover

The Puzzle of Ethics, Peter Vardy - Vardy is something of a cult hero among A level Philosophy and Ethics students. He knows and loves his subject matter, although at times includes irrelevant information or too much detail. I'm sure he is also read in secret by University students...

AS/A2 Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics for OCR: Study Guide Bob Bowie- A useful book that gives an overview for every topic on the OCR syllabus. Does lack depth - do not buy if you aren't studying OCR! Some students found the Philosophy sections at odds with what they'd been taught.

Ethical Studies (Second Edition) Bob Bowie- - Great book. It's by the man behind RS Web (and the shorter OCR revision guide above). The second edition is much better, with more issues.

Moral Problems, Michael Palmer - The book is hit and miss, as it covers only some of the topics you want. It's A4 in size, and doesn't look like other texts. However, it includes some superb excerpts and appropriate exercises. I like this book!

Although not actually a book, I must recommend 'Dialogue' to you. It comes out twice a year, and has superb articles on Philosophy and Ethics, as well as some high-quality specialist publications. Superb.

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