Arnewood School R.S. Department Year 9
Holocaust Extended Learning Task


The following is designed to provide guidance on how students should carry out their extended learning task on the Holocaust. Work is due in on the lesson before the Half Term holidays, although this date will be confirmed by your RS teacher.

Your work should include:

An extended piece of writing that will ideally be based upon the findings of your research record; this could take the form of an essay, biography, museum showcase, or more empathic pieces like a diary account, victims correspondence etc. Your teacher may allow you time in class to write this.

A creative activity based upon your personal response to the Holocaust. This could be an oral activity based upon the Holocaust (this could take the form of an interview, a speech, role play etc) - if you do this, a script must be provided. You could make a large scale poster or a model - if so, a written explanation should be provided to accompany the piece. Your teacher may allow you to work in a group on this, but if you do, you must be able to show your teacher which part of the task you were responsible for - please talk to your teacher first.

The idea behind this task is to allow you maximum opportunities to access the various demands of the levels. Your creativity and imagination should be encouraged through these tasks and you should feel a sense of independence over the planning and delivery of them.

To that aim there is no prescription over in which order tasks should be completed or over how much time should be directed towards it and which parts are suitable as homework tasks. Obviously it may be necessary for the class teacher to give explicit direction on these matters according to the diverse needs of the pupils.