Key Points


There are hundreds of films that deal with matters of conscience. Below are a few examples of films that hinge upon someone's decision to do the right thing despite all of the negative consequences for themselves.

Michael Clayton, 2007

This Oscar-winning film, stars George Clooney as a 'fixer' for a major corporation. His job is to make problems go away. Ultimately, though, he has to choose between covering up an ugly truth, or following his conscience. This is a gripping, thought-provoking film. The 12 Certificate makes it ideal for use in schools to provoke discussion about doing what's right. A perfect scene arrives just after an hour in, when Tilda Swinton's character wrestles with deciding to kill someone to cover things up. She tries suggesting to the hired hands that there might be 'some other option' to cover things up. 'We deal in absolutes' she's told. Superb stuff.

Boiler Room, 2000

An update of Wall Street, this film follows a young man who wants to make enough money to impress his dad. There is a wonderful scene (suitable for younger audiences despite the film's certificate) where the whole scam is demonstrated, as Vin Diesel cons a doctor into buying 2000 shares. Lots of swearing, but a clear moral message.



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