RS Links


A meta-website which: 'provides indexes and links which draw together all that is most useful and relevant to RE teachers and pupils, and anyone else with an interest in RE'

BBC Bitesize RS revision

Includes basic information and tests for some areas of the curriculum.  Occasionally seems to be following an entirely different syllabus, with quite brief answers apparently equating to 'A' grades.  To see how it links to the OCR syllabus for Judaism and Christianity, see this site's GCSE pages.


Provides teaching materials and background papers, together with the termly magazine REtoday and the British Journal of Religious Education;


'Aim: To provide material for information and for ongoing activities "Towards cooperation in RE in Europe"'

Culham College Institute

Culham College Institute is a research, information and development organisation founded in 1980 after the closure of an Anglican teacher training college.


A European Forum for RE - there are a lot of people connected to this forum, but little evidence yet that they are actually doing anything.  It's a start, but watch this space...

Farmington Millennium College

A virtual site - worth playing if you have a fast browser.  Otherwise you may like to start in the library which includes lots of interesting reports.

GCSE RS Support Pages

Paul Hopkins' rapidly-expanding GCSE support pages.  Currently covering Judaism and Christianity, with tests, sample essay questions and comprehensive information to support coursework and revision.  Don't wait until just before the exams to check this site out!

Independent Schools RS Association

Well worth a few minutes of your time - contains useufl articles in their newsletters.  Would benefit from a site index that let you see at a glance what they've got.


'ISTC exists to provide high quality INSET for independent schools in the central region of Britain.'  Includes a lot of clear links with relevant information about each.

National Society for Promoting RE

'The National Society is a Church of England and Church in Wales education service. It is an energetic and vibrant force in the education of the nation's children.'


'REEP provides educational programmes, a schools programme (RE), speakers, trainers and materials in the fields of spirituality, ecology and religion' Some useful information for teachers planning schemes of work.


A site meant for RS teachers, including information on the key world religions, and others.


Formerly one of the best RE site for teachers in the UK, although little has been added in over 3 years.  Clearly structured, with a useful teachers' cupboard.  If you want to get rid of the annoying sidebars, open any page in a new window  (right click and Open Link in New Window)!


'An independent website designed for...  students taking A Level Religious Studies'

University of Strathclyde

A good bank of information for teachers, but the links are out of date.  Try the database first.


An excellent Philosophy and Ethics magazine that comes out every six months.


Up-to-date news stories connected with religious issues.