GCSE RS B - Philosophy and/or Applied Ethics
GCSE Religious Studies
Philosophy 1
Unit 2: Christian Ethics
Unit 1 - Religion and Life Issues
Units 1-7 - Religion and Life
The Right to Life
Believing in God
Matters of Life and Death
Is it Fair?
Marriage and the Family
Philosophy 2
The Use of Medical Technology
Religion and Community Cohesion
Looking for Meaning
Unit 8 - Religion and Society
Rights and responsibilities
Our World
Environmental issues
Ethics 1
Personal Responsibility
Medical issues
Unit 2 - Religion and Human Experience
Peace and conflict
Religion and Conflict
Crime and punishment
Social Responsibility
Ethics 2
Religion and Medicine

Global Concerns

Religious Expression
Authority—Religion & State
RS B - Ethics, Philosophy and Religion in Society
Unit 2: Religion and Life Issues
Unit 3: Religion and Morality

These are the 2009 specifications (for GCSE courses beginning 2009 or later). It is a good idea to read through the syllabus yourself - clicking on the logos above will take you to the relevant pages on the exam boards' websites. Make sure you know which course and units you are studying. Short course students cover half as many units as full course students, but are examined to the same standard.

Links from this page will show what the syllabus content is. Further links will be added to content on this site by September 2009.