We visited two synagogues in Bournemouth and took some pictures - more information about these will follow.  Can you see the differences and similarities between Orthodox and Reform?

Reform Synagogue

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Entrance, showing Magen David (Star of David) Worship area showing the front of the synagogue Ark containing Sefer Torah scrolls Reading desk on the Bimah at the front of the synagogue Scroll open on the lectern
oldscroll.jpg (27789 bytes) light_starofdavid.gif (103786 bytes) shofar.jpg (46783 bytes) shofar.gif (26480 bytes)
Ner Tamid and the Ten Commandments (above the Ark) An old Sephardic scroll (showing a link with history and Jews in another place) Even the lights had the Star of David design The shofar being blown (an awesome sound!) The shofar on tis own.

Orthodox Synagogue

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Worship area showing the front of the synagogue The Ark Bimah (reading desk) in the centre of the synagogue Lectern at the front of the synagogue
ladies_gallery.jpg (72265 bytes) mens_gallery.jpg (68575 bytes) seats.jpg (77315 bytes) holocaust_memorial.jpg (24524 bytes) menorah.jpg (75669 bytes)
Ladies gallery Seats downstairs for men only! A memorial to the Holocaust Menorah (with how many branches??)