Year 9

Personal responses to Anne Frank and the Holocaust

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My work shows the Nazis pinning down the Jews' freedom and striking at the heart of their beliefs The plant pot represents the Nazis, with the barbed wire growing out symbolising the terror and destruction the growing Nazi power caused.  The barbed wire is piercing the Star of David, representing the Jews being torn and tortured by the Nazis.  The poppies represent lost dead and remembrance. My model represents the Jews being fenced in by the Nazis.  You can see the bright colour of the Star bursting through.

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The woman on my picture is Jewish and she is crying tears with the Star of David in.  In the background, there are more Jewish tears.  The fire is Nazi fire attacking the Jews, and the barbed wire is trapping the Jewish woman. The pictures painted on the side of the candle show what was taken away from the Jews.  The teddy caught in the barbed wire shows that lots of children were killed in the Holocaust.  The numbers down the side show how many people died altogether - 6,000,000. I have recreated a 12 year old Jewish girl's desk.  I have written a poem out that a girl wrote when she was 12.  Also on the desk are a picture of her brother who died when she was 5, a candle and a necklace which she would have kept dear to her.  The day Eva Pickova wrote this poem, she died.